What is Crystallize Your Dreams Coaching Service? When your life is in transition, you may need someone to help you see clearly

  • Do you need a "sounding board"?
    • Thinking of starting your own business?
      • Searching for greater depth in your spiritual journey?
        • Recently promoted to a new position?
          • Need new skills or retool and strengthen old ones?
            • Want greater harmony in mind, body and spirit?

For all of these tasks and more, Crystallize Your Dreams Coaching Practice provides weekly sessions to assist you. Your coach, Helen B. Mullin, MSW, will guide you as you: (a) focus on your declared desires and passions; (b) brainstorm for alternative responses to your puzzling situations; and (c) suggest actions that facilitate creation and implementation of a suitable action plan.

What is a Personal Coach?

A personal coach is a guide that helps you crystallize your dreams!

Your Personal Coach guides and assists you in making your ideas, aspirations, and dreams a reality. Manifestation of your ideas, aspirations, and dreams--what essentially becomes your dreams to crystallize-- requires careful planning, exploration, financial backing, and determination. Your personal coach guides you through this crystallization process. You have the inherent wisdom to fulfill YOUR dreams. Knowing best what sparks your life and taps into your passions, you are guided to focus on accessing your personal wisdom and translating it into actionable tasks. On your own these steps can otherwise seem insurmountable. Your personal coach will help with translation of these actionable tasks by: coaching you with defining your goals; being a sounding board; helping with your problem solving; guiding you towards completion of your defined tasks; and exploring what interferes with actually crystallizing your dream(s).

Please note: Coaching is NOT psychotherapy. It is NOT a substitute for psychotherapy. In essence, coaching does not deal with the same issues as psychotherapy and is not covered by health insurance policies. Coaching is designed to provide you with focus, structure, and support towards ultimately achieving your life and career goals.

What Happens in Coaching?

Your dreams get crystallized into a new reality

Coaching is about support, problem solving, skill enhancement, accountability and so much more. Your work begins with a "no holds barred" brainstorming exercise. You essentially name and record all of YOUR possibilities, letting all YOUR creative ideas flow onto the page. Once you have identified all of YOUR possibilities, we work to put these possibilities together. In this work, you will create the steps to accomplish your dream. This process will include making your "Five Year Plan," with goals and objectives. In making YOUR plan, you will likely see what has been missing, and/or hindering your moving forward. You will more easily see if your ideas flow. And, then with YOUR plan in place, coaching advances to monitoring of YOUR Plan's work step by step. In this stage of coaching we look at Your progress and we figure out what's next. We also explore any arising "stumbling blocks" with a focus on overcoming them.

Coaching sessions take place on the phone with scheduled half hour to three quarters of hour session per week. In between each phone session, you will work on your agreed on tasks. The weekly sessions serve as: (1) a check in; (2) a re-focusing; (3) more planning; and (4) addressing any blocks to the work, etc.

What to do to start?

Use the contact form. I will call you.
    After we agree to work together. . . then the work begins

Using the contact form button, complete the form and await my reply. When I contact you, we will talk about your coaching needs. Once we agree to work together, I will email/fax or mail you the introductory assessment packet. This packet will contain a contact information sheet, our coaching contract, some assessment forms (instruments), and my policies and procedures for our work together. The coaching contract will need to be signed and returned with your first payment (see Fees & Contracts). Upon receipt of these, we will schedule your initial session date. Please note: We will have a set time each week for our coaching sessions.

Fees & Contracts

The toughest 2 questions:   Am I worth it?   Is this worth it?
                                               YOU are…            and IT is!

Contracts are available on a monthly, quarterly (3 months) or biannual basis (6 months). The longer the contract is, the lower the monthly payment. Payment for the full contract is expected 48 hours before the start of the contract period.

Contract terms Cost per Month Total Cost
Monthly $500 $500
Quarterly (3 months) $400 $1,200
Bi-Annually (6 months) $350 $2,100
One session w/o contract $300 $300

Your payment may be made with personal checks, money orders or online payments through PayPal. At the conclusion of our agreed time commitment, you may renew if you desire. Renewal payments are due on the day the new contract period begins.

Our StaffWe are ready to assist you in crystallizing your dreams!

HBMHelen B. Mullin, MSW, a psychotherapist in downtown Brooklyn. Ms. Mullin, as a trained spiritual director and as a teacher of life skills, offers personal coaching to those whose lives are in a transition: life transitions, professional transitions, and/or spiritual transitions. "Crystallize Your Dreams" can assist with your skill development needed for advancement in your field.

Ms. Mullin is trained in an EMDR model for increasing performance; she has worked with adults, children and adolescents in both clinical and educational settings and has been an Adjunct Professor at NYU and Hunter College Schools of Social Work. She is also a long time meditation practitioner. Prior to her social work career, she was a science teacher at the high school and junior college levels. Always the teacher, Ms. Mullin wants to coach you realize your dreams by giving you support in clarifying and actualizing your desires and dreams!

How to contact us…

Fill in the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I am able!

Description: Graphic 1Description: Graphic 1You may contact me by phone, fax, or email
or complete the contact form and I will contact you.

Crystallize Your Dreams

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